Field Trip Ideas and Places to Visit

Our favorite ideas for science field trips both near and far.  Not bringing a group? Many facilities and destinations have options for individuals and families, too - be sure to follow the link and contact them.

Science Gallery Detroit

Science Gallery Detroit is a brand new initiative featuring experiences aimed at 15-25 year olds that are connective, participative, surprising, and that blend art, science, and technology.

The summer programming schedule consists of a film series, open labs and science-related workshops. The events are part of Summer of Science, which provides free admission to Science Gallery Detroit’s sophomore exhibition, DEPTH and free general admission to Michigan Science Center. All Summer of Science related events will run through August 17. This year’s exhibit theme, DEPTH, explores humanity’s connection to water. All Science Gallery Detroit programs and exhibits aim to merge science and art, while incorporating the exhibit theme. More importantly, this free programming helps to fight summer brain drain for youth.

MSU's National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory

NSCL is one of the world’s flagship nuclear science research facilities and is a national user facility with a mission to provide beams of rare isotopes for researchers from around the world. Hundreds of users come to Michigan State University each year to take advantage of our facilities and explore the inner workings of atoms and their role in the universe.

Links to lesson plans and activities, as well as a virtual tour, are also available.

Living Science - The Ever-Changing Periodic Table exhibit at the University of Toledo

It’s the first of its kind at a university or museum in Ohio and Michigan and possibly the only life-size periodic table in the world built and filled by a community.  The 800-pound, interactive periodic table bolted to the wall inside the main entrance to The University of Toledo’s Wolfe Hall features 118 LED-illuminated glass boxes.

Living Science: The Ever-Changing Periodic Table” is located in the main entrance of Wolfe Hall.  “Living Science: The Ever-Changing Periodic Table” is located in the main entrance of Wolfe Hall.  Each box represents an element, and members of the community are invited to fill the boxes with examples of how each element relates to everyday life and current events.  The display features touch-screen technology that allows visitors to explore a variety of apps that share stories and videos about the elements, contents of the element boxes, and who donated the items for each element.

Science Events

MSU Science Festival

The MSU Science Festival is a free celebration of science, fueled by some of the basic elements essential to scientific inquiry: curiosity, wonder, and discovery. With topics ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, there is something for everyone to enjoy! The 2019 MSU Science Festival will take place April 5-20th with events all across Michigan.